Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday Thoughts

It is easy to see bad customer service in businesses. The complaining usually follows and we tell all our friends about what jerks that business is. Sometimes the opposite is not true, if we have great service do we tell others about it? I had a great experience this week with the U-Haul on route 6 in south haven. I had to pick up 6,000 books in northern wisconsin and had a quote from another truck company. Judy from the south haven U-Haul is awesome. She matched the price but I would have paid a little more to use this branch of U-Haul. I have had experience with her before and she is great. She bends over backwards for her customers. if you need to rent a truck in this area use her. She is great.

The Red Sox swept the Yankees this weekend :) That always makes a weekend better.

Next time I buy a grill it will be the pre assembled floor model.

I was so happy how I had pitched last week in my old mans league. I was equally disappointed with this weeks outing. My arm is killing me.

Rice Lake Wisconsin is a long ways away. Thank you Micah for spending friday with me. (I drove to this little quaint town in northern wisc to pick up books).

Our worship service/gathering has a really good music leader. We will soon be doing our service weekly.

Back,back,back, back (ramirez,drew,lowell,varitek). The highlight of my weekend.

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