Friday, April 13, 2007

Missional Living

Last saturday night, there were a few of us who had a conversation with some retired missionaries from Indonesia. One of the first things the missionary said was it is much easier to be a missionary to the tribes in Indonesia then it is to North America. Him and his wife went on to explain their lives as missionaries and now as their lives; they live in Canada, and speak both there and at American churches.
Throughout this week I was thinking through the context living in America and what it would mean to live missional here. As I was thinking about the missionaries of Indonesia they shared how they brought in medicine to the tribes. Could you imagine if someone came here to America with something that physically change our lives? The medicine can change the way these tribes live their lives, it can save their children from diseases, and it can prolong their own lives by many years. I think this concept has to be brought to the people we want to share with in America. What these missionaries are doing is adding value to their culture. Before they can share their faith, they not only have to learn the language but they have to have some form of platform to speak on.I saw this in action yesterday.
I started volunteer coaching baseball at wheeler high school. Yesterday was my first day and before the coach introduced me and told about my illustrious college career :). I forgot to tell him about all the yahoos I played with. But nayways when these kids realized that I could them preform better in their baseball playing they all clamoured to talk to me. Now it was perception. Was I a college baseball star? Not in the least. But, there was a perception that since I had played college baseball that I would have something to offer them. Who knows how this can help in my sharing my faith and values with them. But, isn't that the point for us as Christians? If we live in our community and add value to people in our areas of expertise then what would life look like? If we took the church to them it might actually change the world that our kids are growing up in.

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