Sunday, April 1, 2007

Florida Trip and it was a trip

There are very things in life I will say never again: Such as having ten drunken men in the middle of a city work on my broken down car. My list has added one item after my prolonged trip to Florida. Unless forced I will never drive 24 straight hours with my three children again. I love my children but having them sit in the car for that long is not pleasant. Anyone that has traveled with me knows I hate stopping for any reason. So with two children who need to use the bathroom more than once every six hours we brought along the potty chair. Some advice for anyone who might try that in the future bring along quite a bit of air fresheners it makes a car stink like an outhouse. On the way down to florida it took us 20 hours. I didn't go crazy so I thought the way back would be even better. After an hour driving and me thinking this is going to go by quick, we hit a traffic jam in Tampa. After three hours of sitting there and listening to the Little Mermaid, I think I can remember the movie line for line. Did you know that they call a fork a cadidlehopper? I didn't either until this traffic jam. After we got out of that we went for a ways and hit another traffic jam. It lasted that way until we got out of Georgia some 15 hours later. Needless to say it was one of the longest day/night/day of my life. After The Little Mermaid played through until it broke then there was the Lion King, Cars, Beauty and the Beast, and who knows what other torture they put on the dvd player.
I would recommend making this type of trip once in your life, we brought the mother in law with us but I think you could bring anyone in the family along. I don't know how a family pet would do in this type of setting but if you do try it tell me so I can decide if I want try that when my wife convinces me that we need to rent a rv and tour the country. Btw, I had suggested flying to alaska and going on a cruise for our ten year anniversary but she has vetoed that and wants to rent the affor mentioned rv and traveling the country. This is bound to be a summer to remember.

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