Wednesday, April 4, 2007

People I learn from


Many people like me want to change; the question is how we get the inspiration/motivation to do this. My inspiration comes many times from those around me.

I am going to share some of the different areas that I have been challenged recently in and some of the people who have inspired me.

In the area of money-

Recently I was in a small group and the issue of finances came up and we were all talking about our current status and talking about how money wasn’t that important. This one older wiser man in our group said well I want to make more money. I was shocked and was taken aback by this comment. He smiled and went on to explain that his goal in life was to be a reverse tither. I asked him what that meant he said I want to be able to live on 10% of my money and give 90% to God. Many Christians think the gold standard of giving is ten percent and once they accomplish that they are good for life. This friend of mine has taken a different stance and has inspired me to think about my finances. I have to ask the question how much money do I waste on myself and my selfish desires? To be absolutely honest most of it.

In the area of Spiritual Disciplines-

Who have I learned the most from in this area? None other than my new found friends in prison. These men are an inspiration to me in reading, studying, and memorizing the Bible. I feel that I have much to learn from these men in their dedication to God’s word. One gentleman I was talking to last night was talking about how he was reading through the Bible for his second time. I have read through the Bible once and it was for a class in college. One other man was sharing how he writes Bible verses down on note cards and memorizes them through out the day. Verses flow from these men’s mouths through out the class I teach. It is an inspiration and a desire to know God’s word front wards and backwards like these men do.

In the area of helping the poor-

I have had the opportunity to watch a 65 year old man who wears Mr Rogers sweaters love poor people. This man has dedicated his life to the poor and loving them. He pastor’s a church fittingly called the Love Church. He is one of my favorite pastors in the world. His enthusiasm and passion reminds me of the late Crocodile Hunter. This mans passion is contagious. He hasn’t guilted me into loving the poor, he has inspired me to love the poor. He has inspired me to bring many people to meet him and his wife.

Inspiration to change is much better for me than change because of guilt, obligation, or fear. There are so many more people that have inspired me and will continue to inspire me. Is it true that we become like the company we keep? I hope that some of these people that I try and surround myself with will rub off on me.

By the way if you want to be inspired this Saturday night a small group/church that I am a part of is having a missionary couple who was persecuted in Indonesia is going to come and talk with us. It is at a house but if you want directions let me know.