Monday, September 3, 2007

A weekend of camping gone bad

Labor day weekend is the annual family camping trip to Plymouth's Yogi Bear camp ground, it is a celebration of Kyle's and my sister in laws birthday. Camping isn't bad once a year, it is always interesting meeting people at camp grounds. Like the guy who was talking to me and this other sports fan. He was concerned about the Bears new tight end who pulled his ACLU.
Camping was going as well as camping goes until this morning. The pop up camper was put away and we had hooked up the car, gathered all the kids and other camping junk into the car when I noticed Kyle had bug bites all over him. His face began swelling as we drove down the road. Our plan was to stop at the nearest store and get benadryl. A few miles later Kyle tried to ask for a drink, his voice sounded weird so Jill turned around and realized he was having an allergic reaction and his throat was swelling. My father in law was following us and we stopped and Jill and Kyle jumped into their car to rush him to the hospital. His throat kept swelling shut and they had to call 911 and an ambulance had to meet them on the road. They reached the ambulance before he went unconsious but was in pretty bad shape. He recived an epi shot, benadryl, and a steriod to fight off the allergic reaction. He was in the hospital in the large town of Knox for a couple of hours and was released.
I hate the feeling of not having control when it comes to my kids. This has been about the third time already in Kyle's life where he has had "life threatening" type situation come up. I feel like an emotional wreck now. It definately puts life in perspective when these type of situations come up. As I was driving behind Jill thinking about how I always complain about camping I realize how little that matters when it comes to life or death with my kids.
It is also through these moments that having a faith in something much bigger than myself also helps quite a bit. (understatement). I am still trying to learn about not having control in these situations but man it is hard and I have very little fingernails.(I have chewed them off).

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Hermi said...

Wow Ben. That is the scariest thing and is too real to hear. Praise the Lord we have never had to call 911, I hate the thought of it. Just a little choking freaks us/me out. I am so glad to hear that you all are doing fine and that you and Jill are involved in this at-risk teen ministry. Cool! I miss ours, you know, the one I started sometimes, but God has a plan, a big plan for us all. I've been on a very personal journey with God for a little while now. It's good. I do a lot of reflecting on how simple and good life with my kids and Matt is all the time now. I try to appreciate every little bit of it and that I why I called my blog Live Life to the Fullest!!!! You'll have to check it out and check out our too.

We miss seeing you guys.