Monday, February 14, 2011

What makes you happy?

As Jill and Ellyse were reading Green Eggs and Ham, Kyle was laying on his bed. The tv was off and he was pretty bored looking at his sleepy dwarf and a smurf. Kyle recieved the dwarf the day of his surgery and has found a new friend in the little stuffed animal with the jowels and the big nose.

Kyle smiled as I walked into the room. He was excited because he had gotten a new frame for his bed (thanks AJ's). Kyle usually states the obvious so he told me "Ellyse is reading a book to mommy." He looked away and I asked him what the matter was? He told me "nothing." I asked if he was sad, he responded with "no." I asked him what makes him happy, he again looked away and stuck his front teeth out. he said "this makes me happy." I said what sticking out your teeth? He laughed with his giddy, it is past my bedtime laugh. I asked being with Mommy and Daddy, Ellyse and Ayden- does that make you happy? He said "yes" very quickly.

Kyle is easy to make happy, which is strange because he has every reason not to be happy. He walks like he has a peg leg, he spends way to much time in doctors offices, hospitals, and a wheelchair. Yet he loves life, and it is contagious. He makes me laugh on a regular basis, he is angry when he has to shower, and is very opinionated about what is on the tv. He gives me advice on my facial hair, the cleanliness of my clothes, and if my "voice stinks" (ie haven't brushed my teeth). But other than those small inconviences he loves life- he enjoys eating, and soon after surgery on Wednesday he was at Mcdonalds eating nuggets.

Kyle's ideal day involves wearing pj's all day, playing with toys, and sharing it with tigger and his family. Ok seriously why don't I embrace life like this?

On a daily basis Kyle helps me keep life in perspective. Do the things I get stressed at really matter? Usually not.

As I layed by Kyle tonight laughing I realized that because of Kyle's disease it has slowed down life and put everything in perspective.

And yes I can say it makes me happy when Kyle sticks out his front teeth also.


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