Friday, November 5, 2010

Faith, Hope, and Materialism

Percy- may be the most violent man I have ever met. He has committed multiple murders, he has taken revenge in ways that I couldn't even imagine. Yet something has changed in Percy. Percy is a soft spoken, kind, and a man that loves God.

Men who previously knew him can see a difference. Not long ago he was causing problems in the prison. He was acting much like he did on the outside. Then something changed. He started following Jesus.

It isn't an abnormal story for someone in prison. It isn't uncommon for someone who is at the end of their resources. Change is so much easier for someone in dire straits. Faith, hope, and prayer is something I have seen in abundance in those that are marginalized. Those that cant control their circumstances.

I am beginning to see why Jesus said it is tougher for a rich man to go through an eye of a needle than it is for him to go to heaven.

We can do this on our own- or so we think. Why do I need faith if I can provide for all my needs and wants.
Do I think that it is normal to have such wealth and spend it on myself? Is our American society conducive at all in to realize the need of Jesus? Many decry sexuality, music, and entertainment as the problem. The question I have is that the only problem?
I have begun to ask questions how does materialism effect my faith? This isn't a guilt or a have to thought but rather is comfort helping me follow Jesus?

I had an incredible discussion yesterday with some friends- does entertainment, sports, general materialism lead to happiness? Are enjoying these things helpful in my becoming like Jesus?

Does having the love of money mean that my faith is in myself and providing for myself? As always there is more questions than answers.
As I continue to see people that examplify faith and trust in God, it is people that are in rough situations. People that have had uncontrollable things happen and still love God.
My heart is beginning to break for those who have it all together, those who think they can do it by themselves.
Percy and others continue to teach me. He will be locked up for the rest of his life, (rightfully so) but that is not going to stop his desire for learning, and following Jesus, and my priviledge to watch and learn from him.

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