Sunday, August 9, 2009

Our Christian Brothers in Michigan City

As many of you know there was 3 men who escaped Michigan City Prison a few weeks ago. Due to this escape all the inmates have been in lock down since this and they will be in lock down for the forseeable future. (It could be up to six months). What this means is that none of the volunteers, pastors, or families get to come and visit these men. All the programs and visits are canceled.In talking with a friend of mine who has been recieving letters from some of these men there is some dispair and anguish amoung the Christian population.My request of you is two fold: 1. Pray for our brothers in Christ who are in there. 2. We need some people to write encouraging letters to these men.If you are interested in writing a letter: facebook me back and I will give you the name and number for an inmate.We will not use your home address as the return address.Ben

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