Monday, January 14, 2008

Is Money the Answer?

Last night as I was standing in line to return my dvd via red box, I saw this grizzley camo clad middle age man buying lottery tickets. From his outer appearance he looked to have lived a rough life. His greying hair was thinning and his teeth looked to have been neglected since the glory days of Night Rider. His camo had some holes in them and his smell was one of cigarettes. As I was taking in his appearance I was thinking what is going to happen to him if he was to win the lottery?
Would his life be everything that he always wanted? Would he be able to accomplish his dreams and go to the places he had only seen pictures of?
After thinking about him I had to ask myself is money the reason we don't accomplish our dreams? Say we were to get a raise or job change that would increase our yearly income by $10,000. If it was in one lump sum we may be more apt to spend on it dreams we have- but since it would be distributed throughout the year in our paycheck we have a very slim chance of spending it on anything important. We may think that we need a new car with the payments being roughly $200 more a month, we may upgrade cable or go to dish tv with that being another $40 a month. The money may disappear a little more with going out to eat at $150 a month. Of course we need another cell phone that is going to make it easier to communicate with each other at $100 a month. Just with those seemingly insignificant life style changes we have just spent $5,880 a year. More than half the money that we would recieve has been spent in ways that has upgraded our lives how?
When we make more money what happens? We change our life styles. There are always more things we want with other gadgets and trinkets that would make our lives so much better. Are our habits going to change if we make more money? Lets face it most of us need to make fundamental changes in our personal finances if we are going to accomplish our dreams.
Money is not the reason we don't do a lot of things in life. It is a convienent excuse but the reality is that spending is the reason we don't accomplish our dreams.
Would grizzly camo mans life be better if he wins the lottery? He may have all the cigarettes he wanted and the 1984 trans am that is pictured hanging on his wall.

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